I’m Mar Loi, a explorer, intuitive & expressive musician

Since I started playing Handpan in 2017 I dedicate my life to compose, to explore, giving concerts & workshops around the world.


Born in Tenerife & Based in Barcelona, she explores sound & different music styles since 2017 when she decided to change her old profession as childhood facilitator. Mar started as a Busker and released a first Album in 2020: “Mercury found Mars” with which she started touring around Europe. She is into the Barcelona Handpan Community, being part of Singading Gathering organization and Kurdeolian School as Handpan Facilitator.


Mar is actually working on the release of her second solo album: “Grises”, which will invite us to navigate through some stories from her vision started on the pandemic year. This album talks through Handpan compositions, percussions, electronics, bass and also incorporating voice recordings and soundscapes that involved the creation process.


Colaborating with Manik Soundsculptures from Spain.

Cocreating duos as KORAMA & JOI, she tries to explore the infinite possibilities of creation with Handpans based on the magic of the music: an open door to feel and express. 

She released a second album with Jozz Sajim in 2022: “Género Desconocido - JOI”. This Album is a conversation between Handpans, didgeridoo, traverse flute & electronics.